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Welcome to membership of the Redcliffe City Amateur Anglers Inc. RCAA was established in 1972 by a group of likeminded men interested in recreational fishing. Details of how the Club was formed can be seen on our website:

RCAA is affiliated with both the Queensland Amateur Fishing Club Association [QAFCA] and the South Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association [SQAFCA] and our members fish both their competitions on a regular basis. Our Club also participates in the Australian Amateur Anglers [AAA] organised events.

RCAA was fortunate to obtain, due to the foresight of our early members, freehold title to a block of land at Bulwer on Moreton Island and has since built 3 units, which are available to rent to members, at a greatly reduced rate, and the general public.

Membership to RCAA is available to males only. Before being accepted into membership 3 trips must be fished. The Executive will then evaluate if they are an acceptable nominee. On acceptance an affiliation fee of $40.00 is payable and a yearly membership fee of $80.00 [pro rata is applied] is also payable. A yearly membership fee is due and payable each year on the 30th June.

Junior membership is available to boys 8 years of age up to 17 after which they join the senior ranks.


Our fishing year commences on the 1st July till the 30th June. A Competition Committee is selected at the AGM [held each August] and that Committee selects the trips that are fished each year. Several of these trips are held in conjunction with SQAFCA competitions.

To be eligible to fish you must be financial. You must also nominate to fish with the Captain or Vice Captain by the Wednesday prior to a trip or unless otherwise advised. However, for Moreton trips you need to nominate at least 6 8 weeks beforehand. This is so that vehicles etc. can be booked onto the barge. Barge bookings will be attended to by the club but a trip fee of $100.00 per vehicle is payable. Visitors pay $80.00 each on Moreton trips.

Late cancellations will incur the same fee of $100.00 per vehicle.

National Park permits are required on Moreton Island and it is up to members to arrange their own permit. However, if you purchase a yearly permit the club will refund one half the cost of the permit provided your vehicle is made available for all Moreton trips. Permits can be obtained via the National Parks website.

If you go to the Island prior to the trip or stay on after you will be liable to pay the nightly rental of $15.00 per night.

You are responsible for supplying your own bait, food and drinks for all trips. Where possible, it is up to you to organise your own vehicle or boat partner.

We are foremost a light gear club and as such, the gear we use has restrictions. Most competitions are restricted to mono line of 0.30mm diameter, however a leader, no longer than 2m of heavier line can be used. NO braid line is allowed on any competitions.

Fishing is restricted to the use of 1 rod with 2 hooks or 2 rods and 1 hook on each. A gang of hooks counts as 1 hook. Any changes to this will be advised before fishing commences.

When fishing in a SQAFCA open beach Competition there is no limit on line size but again NO braid is allowed.

A weigh in will take place at a place nominated by the Captain. This weigh in will commence shortly after the trip ceases. Fish should be presented in a suitable container, with no water, but a small amount of ice is allowed, and in good condition [not smelly]. Fish should be free of sand. Where possible all fish should be kept on ice or in an ice slurry.

Mutilated fish will not be accepted at weigh in. Gill connection should not be separated.

Bag limit restrictions and size restrictions will be strictly adhered to. It is up to you to know these restrictions.

The Recorder will keep a running progress sheet of all trophies and a report will be available shortly after each trip.

There is a large number of trophies available to be won throughout the year in 5 grades [Juniors to Senior Veterans]. The list of trophies available is on our website.


Getting your bait is your responsibility. A variety of worms can be dug in and around the Redcliffe foreshores. Wrigglers can be dug on a lot of the beaches but a fork with at least 6-8 prongs is recommended. These worms can be kept for some time in shell grit.

Rock worms and mud worms can also be dug around the peninsula.

Yabbies can be obtained around Toorbul and Donnybrook.

Worms and yabbies can be purchased from Paul Dymock [East Coast Bait Supplies]. An order is necessary. Contact Paul on Mob:- 0414708 339.

Mullet gut, chook gut and flesh bait are also very productive.


Each year the Club conducts several activities in which all members are invited to participate.

A general meeting is held every second month on a Tuesday night [commencing 7.30pm] at the Ambassador Hotel.

Our main event is the Annual Dinner and presentation of trophies which is normally held each August. This event is subsidised by the club.

A family Christmas tree is held in early December where every child under 13 receives a gift up to the value of $20.00. Again subsidised by the club.

Raffles [meat trays and cash] are held at the Ambassador Hotel [front bar] each and every Friday afternoon commencing around 5.00pm and again on Saturday commencing around 11.30am.

Other raffles are held during the year where each member receives a book of tickets to sell.

The proceeds from these raffles go to subsidising other social events.

Working Bs are also organised on a regular basis to attend to maintenance items on our units on Moreton. All members are most welcome to attend.

Welcome to our Club and enjoy your membership.


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